We (Becca, Keally, Maya and Natalie) are all here in Providence, Rhode Island – and are students at Brown University.

This year, after a year of being on the wait list, we have a plot at the Fox Point Community Garden. We are really really really excited.

The intention of this blog is to record the way we are putting into practice the skills we have learned and the values we’ve developed through “Food Class” [sustenance and sustainability] – a course offered at Brown.

Becca loves food, and spends a lot of her time dreaming about food [she was so excited when she got a food processor for her birthday in march]. She grew up being told to like gardening, and finally is really getting into it.  Her favorite vegetables and fruits are: asparagus, red peppers, cucumber, kale, lemons, apples, and raspberries. She’s from Lancaster County PA – and yes, she grew up as a mennonite.

Keally is from the good ‘ol state of Wisconsin where cheese and farms are abundant. She has next to no experience with gardening or farming. Last summer she helped tend a small garden of raised beds in the woods of Minnesota. While there she some how aquired the odd habit of inventing garden facts ( ie -“hey did you know that if you sprinkle onion greens over new seedlings it keeps the pests away?”  – Note: not actually a gardening fact!). The goals this summer is to acquire some real garden knowledge and make friends with new neighbors.

Maya is from Nairobi Kenya where there are lots of gardens and farms also… although they might not grow all the same foods as here in the states.  She is quite affectionate towards the national food of Kenya: Kale (although she has recently realized that it might not actually be kale, but some sort of collards… more on that later).

Natalie is from Hawaii and Oregon and isn’t actually taking food class.  However, she loves gardening all the same and will help tend the plot for the duration of the semester and in the fall.  This winter she had far more root vegetables that any human needs, but learned to cook them in all sorts of delicious ways.  She also is a badass poet and hopefully will post some here!


One response to this post.

  1. Hey Keally,

    Glad to see there is a bit of a “farmer” in you. Hope all goes well. I have never had much success with my food gardens but the animals multiply.

    Aunt Jeanne


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