Bhotna, Majhi, Sohali – three Punjabi villages

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Extra notes on the pictures:

Organic farmers like Jarnail and Indrajit believe that Desi cows are the secret to their success. Desi cows produce less milk than hybrids or foreign species, but their dung is believed to have miraculous properties. Cow dung has been revered in India for thousands of years and has many uses.

Jarnail’s khudrat kheti (natural farming) philosophy revolves around making best use of nature’s elements – water, air, sunshine. He has also mulched the ground with wheat straw to retain moisture and encourage friendly insects and micro-organisms. His sugarcane plants were over 8ft high, so something certainly seems to be working!

In Jarnail’s ‘live green manure’ field, he will sow vegetables in a few weeks, and then in the winter he will grow wheat here again. He says since employing practices like this the productivity of his land has actually increased

Jamuns are used in Ayurveda to treat diabetes, blood pressure and other chronic illnesses. They have a tart taste which is good, but takes some getting used to. They are also particularly beloved by many Indians because they have an extremely short season of a few weeks

Few farmers will benefit the new government development in Sohali village, which is extremely expensive as most farmers cannot risk growing vegetables as the prices are not stable enough.


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