smatter of updates [and pictures!]

I’ve been quite the slacker regarding this blog this summer – kudos to Keally and Maya for updating!

First off here are some pictures of the recent produce we picked.  So many tomatoes!

also we’re lucky to have lots of blackberries and concord grapes at the community garden – which we’ve had fun snacking on.

My partner and I have been traveling quite a bit over the past 3 weeks – back home to lancaster county then around VA and WV, back to RI and then back to PA.

During all of this i’ve been lucky to be able to visit 2 of my favorite farms.  The first is Matt’s friends farm, a beautiful farm in southern VA.  They have tons of chickens and veggies.  We arrived just after they had dug a bunch of potatoes – mmm.  For breakfast we ate delicious eggs and potatoes, all fresh from the farm.  It’s so enticing to think about living on a farm – busting ass all day, and then sitting down for a meal of food that you grew yourself!

here are some pictures from that farm: [the chickens in the photos are special bantam chickens – Bantam just refers to the fact that they’re smaller than normal chickens.]

annnnnd, now i must go – i’ll write more soon [as i always say…]


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