More farms from all over

Here are some pictures from the farm of our friend Tara’s parents that I recently visited. The small town of Crawford, CO is at 6520 ft. above sea level and is one of the highest farming communities on the Western slope of the Rockies. It was interesting for me to see rural America and to be further West than Pennsylvania for the first time. While Tara’s family is only farming hay at the moment, in the past the farm has had a rich assortment of livestock and crops. Recently they have leased the old farmhouse and some of the land to a couple. It was interesting to talk to them about their experiences growing crops at such a high altitude and with a very short growing season.

This mama goat was just being milked for the first few times when we arrived, and all the kids from around were excited. The password to get into where they were playing that day was in fact ‘goat’s milk’.

This is the vegetable patch, which had experienced a bit of trouble due to some late frosts. I was happy to share stories of our dunkin’ donuts scrummaging in dust bins back in PVD to protect our little ones from late frosts with old ice coffee cups. This was taken to be a good idea, and may hopefully help next year. On the windmill you can see the Prendergast family brand, which has been handed down for several generations.

The hay fields which Tara’s Dad, Tony, spends several hours a day irrigating manually. In the Spring the meltwater that runs down the mountains, fills the reservoir and then is shared by the community is plentiful, however I think by late Summer water shortages are an issue here.


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