Putting the starts in the ground!!

Maya gave you all a great idea of how our sunday went [and as a friend just told me I look much tanner…].  But I wanted to give a quick update on the process of actually putting the starts in the ground.  Using our Profs sound advice we were able to start some plants a few weeks ago in my apartment, and sunday was the momentous day in which we actually put all those plants in the ground!  We made sure to hold the plants carefully and tip them over the stick them right in the ground, making sure not to disturb the roots or the leaves.  Also – remember that you don’t need to worry about how straight the plants are, they are smart and they can straighten themselves out.

After making some nice clumps and rows of plants [post weeding that is…] mixed in with the nice lettuce and not so nice arugula that we already had going we made sure to give them a taste of water to make them more comfortable in their new home.  Then we heard from a neighboring gardener that it was supposed to get quite chilly that evening – so we devised a plan…

we gathered a bunch of plastic bottles from neighboring trash cans and dumpsters and created some little homes for each of our new plants.  Although this wasn’t a suggestion from our prof – we went with the pragmatists rule of gardening and decided that it at least wouldn’t hurt!  However as you can see the garden now looks like an ad for a variety of companies… no worries they will be removed soon as the weather starts to heat up!!

On Sunday we also dived into a whole new collection of seeds that we have compiled over the last few weeks.  So new baby seeds in our garden include:

  • basil
  • leeks
  • boc choy
  • and some new varieties of lettuce!

The garden is really feeling like a garden and I’m really excited to see what happens over the next few weeks and months.  Also! we decided to grow some peas in a window box near my driveway fence [and we found some trellises for them on the side of the road!] and they are looking very healthy – we just need to add some more seeds to the box so we can get some nice big clumps of pea plants.

another great development in the life of our gardeners is that we’ll be sharing a share from Scratch Farm CSA this summer and fall!!  I am looking forward to cooking w/ these lovely ladies and experimenting with all the new types of food…

finals are almost over now and I’ll post a lot more once that’s over!

signing off…



2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Grace Mwaura on May 12, 2010 at 12:20 pm

    Hi Maya & friends,
    Wishing you all the best in your class project. i am defnately going to learn alot from your blog, and will be using the same for a similar project back here but with primary schools.


  2. Posted by Marty on May 17, 2010 at 3:10 am

    Keally, Maya Becca, & Natalie,

    I appreciate the second use of all manner of containers to protect your plants. As part of the expanded use of flower boxes for Fran’s vertical veggie farm, I have convinced Fran that we should have a rain barrel. The Rain Barrel I purchased is made from a single use food additive container. Our local sustainability organization obtains the barrels from food processors, then converts them to rain barrels. Unfortunately I am being challenged to find an aesthetically acceptable location for the barrel. A white 50+ gallon barrel is not considered attractive by the aesthtic committee of the vertical farm. So my reused rain barrel is not yet installed.



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