From Rhode Island to Wisconsin to Arkansas!

From Rhode Island to Wisconsin to Arkansas…today we bring you another guest post, this time from Bella Vista, Arkansas…

Grandpa Bill's Garden

Hi,  This is our smaller plot, with the large one in the back of our house. This tomato plant is a Black tomato Russian plant. Right now it is about 20 inches high and has 5 blossoms on it. Last year we had four regular Big Boy Bonnie plants and they produced well over 100 tomatoes.  We have three plants in back, and four tomato plants in the front plot. Notice the lettuce and radishes in the plot. We have been eating these for the last couple of weeks. We have Green Pepper plants. They also are with buds on.  Notice there is a small tray with cucumber slices in the aluminum tray. This is to keep the bugs away.  They are said to give off an odor, which we cannot smell, and the bugs don’t like. Love from Gramps and Grams in Bella Vista, Arkansas.

-Gramps and Grams of klc


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