Someone is Snacking on Our Arugula!

It was Friday afternoon. It was Spring Weekend. The whole school had started drinking liberally before noon. So, I decided to take a walk and get away from the intense energy that was swirling around main campus. To be clear, I’m not against Spring Weekend at all, I was just feeling slightly overwhelmed by the street blockades, extra bike police and pervasive scent of beer and warm concrete.  I ambled down Ives Street and over to the garden. I hoped to find some little miracle sprouts from the seeds we’d sown on Tuesday. Instead I found bite marks! Lots of tiny little bites in our poor defenseless arugula.  I was outraged. The suspects are yet to be identified though we think they may potentially be members of the Beetle Family. More on our solutions to this predicament will follow shortly… We’re looking into various all-natural, eco-friendly pesticide options (mostly involving vinegar, cayenne, baking soda or dish soap), so stay tuned!

joy in a basket

flowers on the go!

On a different note, this morning I was delighted to discover a poem entitled Truck Garden by Charles Goodrich on Garrison Keillor’s daily Writer’s Almanac.  Also, I’d like to share with you another blog entitled Growing Space. It chronicles mobile gardens around New York City. Our friend Nina’s bicycle basket garden was recently featured!

This week it has been rainy so we haven’t had to worry much about our watering schedule (Tuesday was my day). It has also been relatively cool, not exactly friendly temperatures for the seeds we sowed last week, but fingers crossed we should see some seedlings by the end of the week.



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